About Us

Here at Leaf we have a fantastic range of alternative and interesting gift ideas for family and friends, as well as items perfect for decorating your home. All brought to you at fantastic prices.

All our items are hand made and come from various places around South-East Asia. Sourced directly from the place of manufacturer, this allows us to build on our existing relationships with the manufacturers and ensure they are paid a fair wage.

We have been travelling to South East Asia meeting with the original craftsmen and women who we first started business with in 1995.  Due to all our designs being handmade, each item is unique.

The materials that are used for our products include bamboo root, driftwood and teak. Indonesia is known for it’s extremely high quality of teak wood, and the parts of the tree that are used are the left overs from all the furniture makers. Also by using the roots of the bamboo plants, we are helping to ensure that nothing is wasted when a tree is cut down, and other is planted in it’s place.

Are we fair trade?

A close relationship has been formed with each supplier and an understanding of fair trade from all concerned has made this a natural practice from the onset.  We have made friends with many of our suppliers and believe that it is very important to communicate with them using the local languages to show respect of their culture.


How do we keep costs low for our Customers?

There is no middleman or agent – all our business is dealt directly between the manufacturers and us.  This method of trading also ensures that we always know the working conditions of the suppliers we deal with. We also use recycled packaging materials wherever possible.