Small Heart Plaques

Small Heart Plaques

Code: HPB

Dimensions:W: 10cm (3.9")H: 10cm (3.9")D: 0.1cm (0")

NamePriceQuantity to Order
(A) Forever my Mum, always my friend £2.00
(L) A home without a cat is just a house £2.00
(B) True friends are like diamonds £2.00
(M) Friends like you, are precious and few **NEW£2.00
(C) I love you to the moon and back £2.00
(N) Grandchildren make life grand **NEW£2.00
(D) Everything is better in your pjs£2.00
(O) OCD Obsessive Cat Disorder **NEW£2.00
(E) Forever my sister, always my friend £2.00
(P) Dogs leave paw prints on your heart **NEW£2.00
(F) Forever my Nan, always my friend£2.00
(G) Prosecco Princess £2.00
(H) Tired parents and happy kids live here£2.00

These sweet little heart shaped plaques are wooden with a string coming out the top- we have a range of 12 different sayings in this design, subject to availablity. 

These are the small hearts that fill the top layer of our PLAQUE SPINNER package.