Plaque Spinner Packages

Plaque Spinner Packages

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We now have 2 options for our best selling plaque spinner packages! You will receive a free spinner with the large package. The small package does include a £50.00 charge for the spinner, however we have discounted the total so you are receiving 25 FREE plaques - with an RRP of £2.00. 

SMALL - 400 pieces plus spinner - £301.25 + VAT 
( 32 rectangle designs and 8 heart designs)

LARGE- 680 pieces - £445.60 + VAT with FREE SPINNER. 
(560 rectangle designs and 12 heart designs)

These packages include 10x each design, which fills the arm on the spinners. We have heart plaques around the top and the body is filled with the rectangle plaques. We now have a range of around 100 designs in the rectangle plaques - of which we fill your spinner with the top sellers - unless you would rather choose your range from the selection. 

This is the best way to display such a wide range of designs in an easily managable spinner - great for you and your customers! 

The cost per plaque is £0.67, and the RRP for these is £2.00. 

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